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Gynecologist in Edison NJ

Our practice is composed of a team of specialized providers who are experts in prenatal and pregnancy care.  Pregnancy can be a very exciting but at times stressful. We are dedicated to relieving that stress by taking the time to review your history and create a customized plan to guide you safely through your pregnancy and to achieve your goals.  Our patients often report that they feel at ease when they speak to our team. We are proud to provide compassionate care for our patients and their families! We may discuss some of the following aspects of pregnancy care at your next visit.  We look forward to seeing you then!

Labor & Delivery
Timetable for prenatal visits

Testing / Ultrasound
High Risk Pregnancy


Many couples come to our practice as they begin to plan for a pregnancy.  Our providers will review your history and create a customized plan to achieve your goals.  Generally taking medication or undergoing treatment is not necessary, however we do utilize the following techniques to help our patients optimize their chance for pregnancy.

Prenatal Vitamins            Nutrition            Menstrual Calendar            Timed Relations            Fertility Treatment