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We Offer the Following Services at Our Edison, Somerset and East Brunswick Locations

  • Wellness

    Our practice is committed to your health and well being. Women seek the care and expertise of our providers for many different conditions.

Example Of Wellness Services Offered

  Annual Visit
  Abnormal Bleeding
  Family Planning & Contraception
  Menopausal Care
  Surgeries & Procedures

  • Pregnancy

    Our practice is composed of a team of specialized providers who are experts in prenatal and pregnancy care.

Example Of Pregnancy Services Offered

  Testing / Ultrasound
  Timetable for Prenatal Visits
  High Risk Pregnancy
  Labor & Delivery

  • Infertility

    Many couples come to our practice as they begin to plan for a pregnancy or when they notice that they are having difficulty conceiving.

Example Of Infertility Services Offered

  Fertility Treatment
  Follicle monitoring
  Intra-uterine Insemination (IUI)
  Ovulation Induction