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Obestrician & Gynecology in Central NJ

Our practice is committed to your health and well being. Women seek the care and expertise of our providers for many different conditions.  The following are common reasons you may want to schedule a visit. Feel free to contact us for any of these or another issue you would like to discuss with our expert providers.

Annual Visit

Women are advised to visit our office annually for their Well Woman Visit.  During this visit our providers will review your history and perform a thorough physical evaluation.  We will discuss recommended screening which may include breast and cervical cancer prevention. Your Well Woman Visit is designed to keep you healthy and prevent future health problems.  We look forward to your next visit!

Cervical Cancer Screening

Pap Smear       Colposcopy

Breast cancer screening

Clinical Breast Exam        Mammogram

Abnormal Bleeding

Women often come to our practice for evaluation of their menstrual cycle.  Abnormal bleeding can be very distressing and even life-threatening. Our providers will review your history and develop a customized plan of care to address abnormal bleeding.  We often utilize the following diagnostic tools and treatment options in the course of patient care. Our patients appreciate our vast experience in treating women’s health issues.

Ultrasound      Endometrial Biopsy      Hysteroscopy      Endometrial Ablation

Family Planning & Contraception

Many women come to our practice for assistance in choosing a birth control option.  Our providers will review your history and guide your selection of the most appropriate family planning/contraceptive strategy for you.  This customized treatment plan helps you avoid unexpected side effects, regret and maximizes patient satisfaction.

Oral Contraceptive Pill, Patch, Ring and More    Intrauterine Device (IUD)     Tubal Ligation

Menopausal Care

Our practice provides care to women throughout their lives.  Many of our patients come for evaluation during their transition through menopause.  Our providers remain dedicated to helping you select the best treatment plan for you.  Often this means no medication at all, however we may discuss other options including non-hormonal and hormonal therapies.  

Non-Hormonal Therapy      Hormonal Therapy  

Surgeries & Procedures

Our providers have clinical expertise with many surgical procedures.  While we feel that surgery should generally be utilized when other options are exhausted, the following techniques can be very effective and even life-saving.  During your consultation with our providers we will review your history and discuss options for treatment which may include the following surgical procedures.

Dilation & Curettage (D&C)      Hysteroscopy    LEEP     Laparoscopy     Endometrial Ablation     Laparotomy      Hysterectomy